JULIA COLEMAN (parent) - "My daughter has now been a student with Stagestruck the Academy for ten years.  She began with tap and modern and now does almost every class they offer and to a very high standard.  She did her first professional television job this year on a live musical and from the director down they had nothing but praise for not just her abilities, but crucially her absolute professionalism.  As the choreographer said to me “She listens, just does everything she’s asked to, adds a bit, takes suggestions and has great fun, what more could we ask?”  THAT’S a Stagestruck Student.

If you wish your child to gain valuable skills; commitment, confidence, flexible attitude and the ability to work hard and enjoy every single moment of it, then Stagestruck the Academy can offer all that and more.  I have never regretted the commitment I have also made to my daughter’s time as a Stagestruck student and when I see her up on stage showing the world what she can do I am very proud and very grateful – THAT’s a Stagestruck parent."


PARIS McDONALD (student) - "I have got so much confidence, not just when practising but when performing as well, as my technique is becoming better with every lesson. If it wasn't for Stagestruck I wouldn't try, succeed, or know my future! Thank you to everyone at Stagestruck Academy x


BEV SPECK (parent) - "I am pleased to say that two of my children are lucky enough the be involved with the Stagestruck Academy. It always amazes me how each and every teacher has the ability, skill and understanding to bring out the very best in each and every one of their students, whether it be in dance, drama or musical theatre. It's so lovely to see these students grow not only in technique & confidence but also into fine young people whom we are very proud of. I would recommend anyone thinking of joining the Stagestruck family to not hesitate - just do it - you won't be disappointed!"


ABBIE URSELL (student) - "Stagestruck has given me so many fantastic opportunities dancing at Disney, the 02, competing in istd tap awards and taking exams yearly. I have made lots of fantastic close friends. I am very lucky to be taught by such amazing, special teachers. Everyone at Stagestruck Is like family and I'm glad I'm part of it."


FLEUR COOPER (ex-student) - "Stagestruck's been my second home for 11 years now. I have been through so many amazing and unforgettable experiences, made life long friends and have great relationships with all the teachers, like a little family and have learnt so much in disciplined yet fun classes, and have taken so much away from the experiences!" 


JASMINE METCALFE (student) - “I am very proud to be a young performer at Stagestruck. It has helped me develop all my performance skills and I love every moment of my time there. I love my teachers as they are honest and really care about helping me to become a great performer."


KRISTEL BURGESS  (parent) - "Stagestruck has given my children so much more then the ability to perform, with the guidance of the staff it has allowed them to feel accepted, have self belief, confidence and friendship all whilst having fun doing what they love."


JOSHUA BURGESS (student) - "What I love about Stagestruck is it makes me feel happy and proud of myself. I feel more like me when I'm dancing!"


STUART ROUSE (ex-student) - “Since the age of 7, I have grown so much due to the help and support of everyone at Stagestruck. What makes it so special is that I was lucky enough to go through the tough times and special times with the people I love and the friendships found there  are so strong. People that say show folk don't form good friendships, they really have no idea, and Stagestruck reflects this. It has been the best 11 years of my life and I wouldn't have asked to spend it with anyone better”


LISA URSELL (parent) - "As a parent I never imagined when my daughter started with a 30 minute dance class it would lead to the endless opportunities it has. The teachers are professional and dedicated and offer first class teaching they get the best out of all their students, building students confidence but also keeping them grounded. For us Stagestruck is the best place for our children and has become a massive part of our family's lives"


AILESHA AUSTEN (student) - “Stagestruck has become a part of me, it has given me confidence to go for my dreams however hard they may be. I love my teachers they are like my second family, quick to praise me up when I'm doing well but also put me right when I'm not, which has kept my feet firmly on the ground and helped me prepare for the dance/theatre industry, I just love being there and couldn't imagine life any other way.”